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Entertainment - Old Tower Cyber Pub • Kas

Last night at the Old Tower Cyber Pub, there was an amazing new sound.


Kevin is putting together a band with vocalists, 3 guitarists, drummer and percussion.

they were just jamming but coming from a musical background, I could tell that they were really coming together.

As weeks go by, and the more they rehearse and with the addition of another singer joining them in September, we can look forward to some great entertainment from this new band.

We now have Area Disco who have brought their very sucessful club from Punta Prima to downstairs of the Filton Centre, with a new sound system fitted, it is going to be the place to hang out, listen and enjoy many nights of entertainment.

So now we have Los Balcones on the entertainment map, lets keep it there and support our local talent.

I am very exited about the future of our Filton Centre, and the new found entertainment there.


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