Long Term Rental at Albox

Casa Dave
3-bed 2-bath Apartment

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa on a large fully enclosed plot. Good views, pool and roof terrace.
Kitchen, utility room, lounge and separate dining room/office.
Unfurnished. 400€ per month plus bills.
1 large/family bathroom

1 en suite bathroom

Dining room


Mains water

Private pool

Fitted wardrobes

More Details and pictures http://albox.aspanishlife.com/rentals/15444-apartment-to-rent-in-partaloa-with-3-bedroom-2-bathroom




Pension transfers are still available although not 100% tax free.
You can release money from your UK pension now whilst still retaining future retirement benefits. This could be a good thing in these financially hard times.
There is a huge crisis in the UK as far as pensions are concerned. At the start of the Nineties, a £100,000 pension fund would have guaranteedan income of £15,640 a year for life, 23 years on, a 65-year-old man will secure just £5,140 a year.
If you would like to know more and to find out if you can release funds from your pension then contact us, you can find our advert on the services page.
Do not fall into the trap of thinking your future retirement will be rosie


The “What Makes You Happy?” book project…

You can now get involved with a project that has the potential to reach countless people. So many of us focus on the negative things in life and what we cannot do, not what we can do. “What Makes You Happy?” Is the start of something big that I want to continue and grow, so that it enriches people’s lives and touches the masses, and not just a few people. This is all about you and what makes you feel happy, which in turn, when others read will bring enlightenment to them and make them think about what makes them happy too. Like attracts like! Therefore positivity attracts positivity.

To contribute you can post what makes you happy (anything from one word to a whole paragraph! Or even more than one, as people have been sending!) on here. You can also email me at:
clare21@live.com or clare_bean3@yahoo.co.uk

Or you can message me via facebook at the following profiles:
Clare Lawrence https://www.facebook.com/clare.lawrence.184
or Clare Lawrence II http://www.facebook.com/clare.lawrenceii

Or contact me via Twitter at:

You do not have to have your name published, you can have just your first name or even remain anonymous if you so wish (or make up a pseudonym). Many thanks in advance to anyone who shows interest in the project and also that contributes! I am very much looking forward to getting some more quotes. The response so far has been really great! :) :) :)



Your Pension

Are you looking to get more out of your pension?

We are able to offer you a review on your pension via one of the, leading I.F.A's in the U.K who are able to offer many pension options.

If you would like to have a FREE pension review and see if you are getting the best return for your money then either go to

http://www.spain-info.co.uk/Pension-Review.htm or email us direct at infoATspain-info.co.uk You need to take out the AT and replace with @ to do this.

Struggling to Sell Your Property!

Struggling to Sell Your Property!
Struggling to Sell Your Property
Are you in Negative Equity ?
Are you Struggling to Pay Your Mortgage ?

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My name is Darren and I work in SEO, I have worked in this industry for many years and have recently been offering my services on a freelance basis out of my normal working hours. I have had really good success due to offering the complete package. I offer a full documented strategy for onsite works that need to be addressed and then I offer an offsite linking strategy that is month by month so no contracts etc to tie you in, if you don’t think what I am doing is working then you don’t pay? It really is as simple as that.

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Banners Broker

Well, here we are in another year and Banners Broker is growing bigger by the day!
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If you’d like to become a winner, you’re not alone. Winners are the icing on the cake of society, the cherry in the cocktail of life and overall just the coolest people on earth.
But what is a “winner”, actually? Is Bill Gates a winner? How about Mother Theresa? Or Gandhi? What about Vincent van Gogh, who hardly sold any paintings during his life time? Can you be declared a winner in retrospect? And who declares the winners in the first place?
Ah… hold on. I think we may finally have found the right question: Who declares the winners?
Is it God? Does he point his finger to draw a line between winners and losers? Or maybe it’s a highly regarded group of success gurus who make the decision? Do they publish a list of winners online? And do you have to buy their training course to earn your winner badge?
What about your friends? Surely, what they think of you must be right? But what if you find new friends who think differently?
The one with the right to judge you
Darn… this is getting complicated. We might actually have to stop asking questions and start facing the truth. You might have to accept the harsh reality that there’s only one single person who has all the power to decide whether you’re a winner or not. Someone who can determine your fate, who has the right to judge you and who can change your life with his or her thoughts alone.
It’s you, of course. Which really doesn’t make things any easier. I mean, what are you supposed to think of yourself? Who tells you what you should think? Is it God? Or maybe a group of highly regarded — ok, let’s not go through all that again.
The bottom line is this: It’s all on you. You’re the only one who gets to decide and nobody else has the power to “help” you with your decision.
By now, we realise that our starting question doesn’t quite fit. “Are you a winner?” isn’t really a question anyone can answer. Why don’t we replace it with “Do you feel like a winner?”. If you’re the only who gets a say in this anyway, then your feelings and thoughts are all that matters, aren’t they?
So, do you feel like a winner? I certainly do. Sometimes. At other times, I feel like a total failure: weak, vulnerable and helpless.
My guess is that you’re like me. I think that you try to think well of yourself, and often succeed — but not always.
How to feel like a winner
To help you feel like a winner more often, I’d like to show you a little exercise that has helped me personally a lot. In order to do so, I’ll build on the exercise that Douglas Cartwright has suggested for changing the way we look at problems.
Here’s what to do:
Step 1:
In writing, make a list of your successes in life. Start with your childhood. How you learned
to swim, or to ride a bike. Then work your way up to today. Your first kiss, your high-school
graduation. The first job. Your first promotion. You get the picture.
Steps 2 – 1,000,000:
From now on, every time you experience a new success, read through the whole list again. Then
add the new success to the list.
This activity shifts your thinking significantly. Instead of registering your successes as isolated events, your mind will start to interlink them.
As a result, you don’t just think “Wow, I’ve achieved a success” whenever you have a success-experience. Instead, you think “Wow, I’m a successful person” — a winner.

For more details check out: http://cytguides.com/84PersonalDevelopmentReports/?e=Kasinspain

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Banners Broker

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Long Term Rental Properties Available NOW !!!

Looking for a LONG TERM RENTAL: We have the following properties Available .................

Ref: JR002 Det 3 Bed + 6 Sep Rooms, Dolores

Ref: JR003 Det 3 Bed Crevillente - Unfurnished. Possible Rent to buy

Ref: JR004 Det 3 Bed Catral

Ref: JR005 2 Bed apt La Marina VILLAGE

Ref: SR901 2 Bed apt La Marina - Very nice property. Only 2 mins walk to bars, shops etc. Nr Hillside

Ref: TJ82 3 Bed Quad La Marina

To View Contact:
e-mail: spainretreats@yahoo.co.uk
OR Tel: (0034) 96-679-0844 OR
(0034) 679-779-122

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