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Gemma Quinn / 2011-07-30 14:57:29 The Leader

Students excavate the archaeological site

A team from the University of Alicante have once again been visiting an ancient archaeological site in San Fulgencio believed to be an important early Iberian settlement.

Archaeology students, under the direction of professor Feliciano Sala and lecturer Fernando Brados spent several days recently at the site situated close to the quarry in urbanisation La Marina and welcomed visitors who were invited to a tour of the excavation site.

Elena Jimenez explained the importance of the early settlement, marking the area believed to have been part of the Iberian city of El Oral, which has largely been destroyed by the quarry and includes the area now known as La Escuera. Elena explained that the area where the students were working on was considered a very valuable find as it was the city walls and would have been the main entrance for trade.

“It is very big, more than 300m and shows the sanctuary where products and goods would have been received. Materials being found are a mixture of Iberian and Phoenician, very typical for this area of Spain.”

The site was first discovered  in the 1960's by Swedish archaeologist Solveig Nordström. She later wrote a book detailing her work and she happily returned to the area in July 2007 when a new university team were working on excavations. A few years on the dig continues as archaeologists aim to preserve the site for future generations and uncover more hidden treasures, but are hampered by the lack of funding and the extent of the work required.

A spokesperson for San Fulgencio Town Hall said, “The visit has enabled us to appreciate the value of the site and encouraged us to work in all areas of the excavation. For the Department of Culture and Tourism, this day allows us to bring to light an important hereditary and cultural resource of the municipality, emphasising the historic importance that it has and putting it within reach of neighbours and tourists alike. 

The Town Hall supports this work and its cultural significance and will continue collaborating with the University of Alicante to promote the excavation work, protection and improvement of the site.”

Previously some of the finds have been on display at the MARQ museum in Alicante and at the museum in San Fulgencio. Finds from the recent digs will be taken back to the university initially for analytical study.

Students excavate the archaeological site Visitors being shown around the site


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