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Hondon de los Frailes • Ian

Hondon de los Frailes

Hondon de los Frailes although inland and about 400m above sea level is also well known for its rather mild climate and this region enjoys sunshine for over 300 days a year. Like other Spanish towns Hondon de los Frailes has numerous fiestas each year. The beauty of the natural landscape is outstanding.

The name of the village originates due to the fact that it was owned by an order of Dominican Friars during the 17th Century and was controlled by the Corregimiento de Orihuela until 1833. In 1840  Hondón de los Frailes became part of the municipality of Hondón de las Nieves and remained so until it gained its independence in 1926.

There is evidence of settlements in the area going back to ancient times and there was a Roman site there during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsular. Later settlements by the Moors established Hondón as an agricultural area, producing crops such as almonds, olives and grapes.

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