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ASK JENNIFER - Agony Aunt • Jennifer Rahman


Hi Everyone,

My name is Jennifer and I live in Murcia. You can say that I am a newbie to Spain, having moved from the UK in 2010. However, I understand how hard it can be to settle in Spain and sometimes hardship, tension and differing expectations between spouses/partners can often place unneccessary pressure on relationships. Cracks can appear in any relationship no matter how intense or how long the relationship.

In addition, family that are left behind in the UK can either be a delight or bane. The demise of a spouse or partner can suddenly plunge you into a whirlpool of grief, loneliness, fear and uncertainty about the future.

It always helps to have someone to talk to and as they say, " A problem shared, is a problem halved".

So how can I help you?

Firstly, I am a qualified and accredited life coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques therapist and have 10 years experience helping people of all ages with their problems.

Secondly, I have a regular monthly Agony Aunt column in the Costa Calida Chronicle, which is the longest established English free magazine in Costa Calida.

If you have a problem that you would like to share with me, please email me at: or visit my website at: I will try my very best to personally respond to all queries.

Have faith in yourself for I am here to take this journey with you.

Warmest regards,



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