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Introduction • Kiara Sullivan

Hi All and thank you for looking at my page here on the Spanish Life website.

My name is Kiara and I am here to offer advice to anyone finding life difficult.

I have lived here on the Costa Blanca for many years and over this time have seen many changes.  I know that the current economic climate is making it very difficult for many people, not just on a financial level but also on a personal level.

Many families are finding themselves split up whilst one partner returns to the UK or elsewhere to work, leaving behind a partner perhaps with children to cope with life here on their own.  Many people feel resigned to being ´stuck´ in Spain until they can sell their property and return to the UK.  Many people go through marriage breakdowns because of the pressures they face.

I am here to help and advise you in whatever way I can, through the medium of this website.  Let me know your problems and I will respond accordingly.  I do understand the difficulties people are facing and can offer advise and realistic solutions to your problems.




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