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Air Conditioning Advice • Steve Hall

I got this excellent advice from one of my clients today. I thought you would appreciate it 

How much do you charge to gas an air conditioning unit?? asks Envirocare SL

How many times do we have to answer that question?  We get hundreds of telephone calls per months asking exactly that………………………!!

Let me tell you something – if a unit is fitted professionally in the first place, then the air conditioning unit should not need to be gassed for many years.  So why then do so many people expect that the air conditioning systems have to be charged with refrigerant gas on a regular basis? The answer to that question is very simple!  People have come to believe that shabby installations are the norm!  And when some installers only give one years´ guarantee or less, then the client has no other option, when the unit is not cooling effectively, than to keep topping the system up with gas.

Under the latest FReg environmental regulations, units that leak gas are,  in fact,  a massive environmental issue.

How to avoid this problem:

1 Only fit quality units, installed by a reputable, qualified company.

2 All units must carry a 3 year guarantee if they are of a high quality.

3 Ask to see the installers F Registration certification before placing an order for an installation.

4 Ask to speak to a previous customer, or to view an installation, to get a balanced opinion of the installation company.

5  Make sure the company that you contract has office staff, landlines, and holds the unit information to actually guarantee the units once installed.

6 Never ever consider installing a unit yourself! Iif you do not have the specialist equipment to carry out the installation – then you cannot prove you have installed a unit correctly and under the latest refrigerant guidelines, you will find that the guarantee is void.

7 Beware of companies offering  you “do it yourself” packs!!

Envirocare has been selling, installing and maintaining air conditioning products on the Costa del Sol for over 15 years. Our engineers work to the very highest standard, complete professional installations and are all F-Reg qualified.

We use only quality products that carry genuine guarantees.

Our installations are backed up with an after-sales service that is second to none – supported by the team at our office.

For more details please check our or if you require information on servicing, repairs or installations, call EnviroCare SL on +34 952 663 141.
We look forward to being of service. 


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