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Dear Reader, 

Are we facing the end of modern medicine? 

Recently, I told you about a leading doctor who risked professional suicide by suggesting that a 10 pence vitamin B tablet is more effective for treating dementia than the expensive blockbuster drug Aricept... 

We've also heard warnings from the UK's Chief Medical Officer that antibiotics have been so over-used that they're now almost completely useless against 'super strains' of bacterial infection. 

This means that, in future, routine operations could become impossible to carry out, and minor cuts and grazes become potentially life-threatening. 

And now, another eminent medical professional is sticking his head in the firing line to expose the sleazy practices of Big Pharma... 

David Healy, Professor in Psychological Medicine at the Cardiff University School of Medicine claims that pharmaceutical companies are under such enormous commercial pressure to come up with new blockbuster drugs that they are deliberately falsifying drug trials to make them seem more beneficial than they really are. 

Worse still, drug companies are deliberately hiding data on potentially lethal side effects of new drugs by fiddling the figures or by simply refusing to publish the full results at all. And the regulators are just sitting on their hands doing nothing... 

In short, the drugs we've come to rely on have become too dangerous to use, and are at best no better than placebo for treating illness. 

When medical 'insiders' begin to break ranks and spill the beans, then you know something must be horribly wrong and that our whole drug-based system of healthcare is teetering towards collapse. 

So, you need to ask yourself: 

- Do you want to put yourself at risk from prescription drugs? 

- Do you want to be one of the privileged ones who know about safer, scientifically-proven, natural cures and preventions that will keep you free from disease?

- Or will you, like 90 per cent of others, simply succumb to the rising tide of chronic illnesses, which can turn your later years from being ones full of vigour and vitality into ones where you're just living sicker for longer? 

Every month in our brand new Journal of Natural Health Solutions our readers are the first to know about the latest advances that are revolutionising modern medicine. 

That's because our pioneering team of doctors, researchers, nutritionists and biochemists are continually scouring the planet for groundbreaking new cures that rarely get mainstream exposure

For instance, in recent issues we told our premium members about: 

- A revolutionary new compound that 'turns off' the crippling painof both osteo-and rheumatoid arthritis. 

- The world's most powerful anti-aging supplement, developed in New Zealand, that gives every cell in your body 6 times more protection against free radical damage. 

- How scientists have harnessed the body's own 'wonder drug' in a breakthrough compound that protects against cancer, diabetes, dementia and heart disease. 

- The herbal formula that makes your hair grow strong, thick and lustrous again 

- How the super-concentrated form of this health store staple kills more cancer cells, quicker 

- Uncovered! The 50 year-old formula the authorities tried to bury– fights infections, osteoporosis and abnormal cell growth 

- Why you should take better care of your gums to ward off stroke...

Imagine the renewed hope these discoveries can bring to anyone who has been living with illness for years – and who never thought the day would come when they would be free from their suffering. 

But that's not all.... 

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Here's just a sample of what's contained in the140-page 'Natural Cures That REALLY Work':: 

- Breakthrough #15 - The rainforest herbal that's better than chemo

- Breakthrough #26 - Delivers 52% blood sugar improvement

- Breakthrough #51 - Skin healing oil works in just 24 hours

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Then there's: 

** Arthritis! This adult stem cell breakthrough took just 5 days to do the "impossible"... 

** This secret 'superfood' - the only food in the world to be granted a medical patent - lowers blood pressure and promotes healthy blood sugar levels... 

**The ancient herb that helps keep your mind sharp as you age. Studies show it can even improve memory and cognitive function in dementia sufferers... 

**The 'miracle' herb are prescribing for their prostate patients now - but YOU won't be prescribed this on the NHS... 

**The remarkable heart-healing nutrient that leading cardiologists believe "everybody on the planet" should be taking - but you've got a long wait if you think your GP will ever prescribe this... 

You can read about many other natural breakthroughs here... 

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And make sure you're well prepared and informed for the day when the shutters come down on our current system of health care! 

To your health, 

Rachael Linkie 
The Journal of Natural Health Solutions


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