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Swimming Pool Maintenance Training Course • ighppm

Are you tired of a constantly green swimming pool ?
Is your current pool man unreliable ?
Are you fed up of poor advise from every pool “expert” ?
Are you sick of wasting money on unnecessary chemicals ?
Do you want a clean , clear and healthy swimming pool ?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions , then let IGH Pool Training show you that owning a swimming pool doesn't have to be that way. 

IGH Pool Management are one of the leading swimming pool maintenance companies on the Costa Blanca .

Using our experience and knowledge we are now pleased to offer one day training seminars for home pool owners who would like to take control of their own swimming pool maintenance.

IGH Pool Training will teach you how to maintain your pool to professional standards and how to test and maintain water chemical balance for a safe and healthy swimming pool environment .



   Home Pool Owner Training Course



This one day training seminar is aimed at the home pool owner with little or no previous experience of swimming pool maintenance or water testing . The programme has been designed to provide pool owners with knowledge and understanding of pool plant
equipment and basic water chemistry , to enable them to take control of their own swimming pool management .

Course Aims

At the end of the course , you will have an awareness and understanding of pool plant equipment , and be able to carry out routine maintenance to pumps , filters and multi port valves. You will know how to perform chemical testing and how to maintain a chemical balance of your pool water , to ensure healthy and safe pool conditions.
You will also know the correct techniques and procedures to rectify any common pool
related problems or issues.

Course Content

· Pool design & layout
· Cleaning & maintenance
· Circulation & filtration
· Pool plant equipment service & repairs
· Chlorine chemistry ( including salt systems )
· Water chemical testing
· Chemical and water balance
· Non chlorine alternatives & chemical treatments ( algaecides , flocculants etc )
· Common problems & troubleshooting

All topics are covered in your own personal course manual for future home reference


About IGH Pool Training

IGH Pool Management are an independent maintenance company , who are not in any way associated with manufactures or any swimming pool retail outlet , so you can be sure the information we provide is purely for correct and safe swimming pool procedures and not aimed at making unnecessary sales.

 IGH Pool Management are fully qualified pool plant operators who hold both the ISRM level 2 Pool Carers and the Level 3 Pool Plant Operators certificates.
We are also a member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers ( ISPE ) .

 The focus of the training is to provide the home pool operator with all the essential knowledge and understanding of the plant equipment and chemical balance . With this understanding you will be able to make your own informed decisions regarding the maintenance and water treatment of your pool ,
without relying on poor information from “ pool experts “ , whose advise is generally centred around the need to sell you something.

 Upon completion of the training course, further support will be available should you need any future assistance. We are always available by e mail or phone for any clarification, information or advise on pool related matters.




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