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Roberto Gartageno The Voice
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Roberto began his career in music at the age of 16 in his home country of Argentina. As well as singing, Roberto joined some jazz and Rock bands, pursuing his other hobby of playing the drums. A few years later, he joined several tribute bands, his favorite being the Beatles. Roberto has released three CD''s in his home country. He came to Spain 10 years ago and has not stopped since. He has toured extensively with a band as well as performing in a duo and as a solo artist.
About two years ago, Roberto discovered his ability to sing opera and has since had intensive training. Roberto''s range is that of a Tenor, but he likes to sing a variety of music from rock and rck''n''roll to pop, Latino and opera.

Tel 620-420-115 or email

(0034) 620 420 115 (Spanish, English) or (0034) 635 13 14 11 (German, English)


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