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26 May 2012 The Faith comes to Pool Bar, Lago Jardin 1, Los Balcones and Rocks!!!


The Faith Rock Band - the essence of The Faith is not only the tallented Robbie Priest (Arthur) and Charlie, it is also the selection of songs they feature in their shows.

When they play rock songs which take us back to out past and songe we can all sing along with, songs that takes us back to our younger days, days when we were wild and free with everything in front of us.

Who wouldn´t want to go back to those days, and nights when we danced the night away to our favorite bands, such a s The Stones, Beatles, ACDC, Status Quo and so many more...

My favorite venue for the band has to be when they party on the beach at El Rincon, nothing quite like the atmosphere, created by their music and the mediterranean sea, people walking by stop and stare, even horses dance by, or is it rock!

Keep The Faith!!!! Rock On!!!!







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