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Playa Flamenca - Pablos International Bar • Kas


Lamb, Beef or Chicken or Pork. All 6 euro meal. Roast, Mash potatoes. Stuffing and Gravy. Cauli, Cabbage, broccoli,carrots, sprouts and peas . All home roasted and fresh veg except peas and sprouts. Pudding. 2.50.. home made apple pie, apple pie wiener style with cinamon and raisins, with Custard or Ice cream or spray cream. Black forest gateaux, and often a crumble or trifle. Great Sunday lunch deal. Sun soaked terrace.Sos, one course 6 euro, 2 course 8.50 

Pablos Roast Dinner on Sundays is only GORGEOUS.. come along and try it, but booking is advisable. We serve dinners until late so long as you reserve them. A truly enjoyable day in our beautiful terrace, south facing surrounded by plants and flowers. Call 66580 6658 for reservation


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