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We are now offering you the opportunity to use our unique banner system to advertise your business.

Our website is one of the most popular in Spain and growing every day. As of September 2011 we are ranked 3000 in Spain 100,000 in the world and have over 88,000 visitors per month - that's more than 1 million people a year. And they could all be looking at your business.

We offer all the people of the area a one-stop website whereby they can get ALL the information they require, whether they already live in Spain or are moving over or visiting, our website can help them with every aspect of life.

Your banner will be online all day every day advertising your business and service, not like the local papers that are discarded after being read.

Your banner can be designed by yourself and edited when required, it will be placed on all the main pages of a site or sites and will link directly to your own website and will rotate from page to page on a time rota, so as to give you maximum coverage.

The marketing of our sites is not limited to the internet, we will be talked about on the local radio and our posters will be seen in the windows of all the businesses that use our FREE service section. We have 10,000 branded beer mats being distributed to the local bars and restaurants each month that will direct people to our site, so that more people will see your banner advert.

The cost of renting a banner on our website is :

€4 per month for any one area website.

€8 per month for all sites on a Costa of your choosing.

€25 per month for ALL the websites in the "A Spanish Life" group.

This is a unique opportunity to advertise on a very large and popular website that is growing every day.

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