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Local area co-ordinators • Ian

Would you like the Opportunity to be your Local Area Co-Ordinator of A SPANISH LIFE?

Possibly Retired with a bit of time on your hands?
Possibly in the past you were used to being involved in all types of things, but now having done most things you had dreamed of after retiring, and are finding that you would like, once again, to keep yourself a little active and find an interest that would still keep you **on the ball**, but not too strenuous?

Did you come to the area and make a lot of new friends?   OR, has it not been as easy as you thought it would be?  Well either way you would find it easy to fit in with being active within the Local A Spanish Life Forum.

These days local forums are becoming extremely important especially to us Brits who either own a property and live here or holidaymakers.  After all we are foreigners abroad often trying to understand how things work over here in Spain.  Keep in mind that on the forum local subjects can be looked up even months later, way past the time that the local newspaper has been discarded.

Some times we all find it hard to get the correct information on a local matter.  This is one of the main reasons that forums are so useful and are becoming so popular.  Once an area really gets started it is quite amazing the wealth of local information that others have and freely post up onto the forum for everyone to see.

Most areas now have local English speaking shops, bars, restaurants, and interestingly the Brits seem to have formed many local Charities.  These are doing some fantastic local fund raising.

Our aim is that the local A Spanish Life Forums will help, where possible, our English speaking community in the area.
Apart from the social side of posting up on the Wall section of the forum, we try to encourage even local businesses to *plug* what they are involved in free of charge.  We find that once Charities find us, they tend to make good use of us as it greatly enhances their local efforts and gets their message over to the local community.

BUT locally there are a lot of loose ends like making sure everyone knows where to place information on the forum.

Events section is totally free for all to use and is a very good way of showing Locals and Holiday makers what is on and when it is happening.  How often have you only found out about an event only after it happens?   (This is an area that a local Co-ordinator needs to make sure is being, if possible, to its best advantage).

Services section. This is the area where local Business advertise for Free their services (a very small fee is made by the forum to these businesses for leads they wish to receive once a person asks for information).  However, Bars, Restaurants and Charitable organizations receive all leads Free of charge.

In an effort to help Charities we offer each year, three Free Rotating Banners on the local A Spanish Life site in your area. This is at the discretion of the Local Co-ordinator.

We also try to help new or struggling bars and restaurants in the area by giving them a Free Banner for a short period of time.  This is at the discretion of the Local Co-ordinator.

Property For Sale section and Local Rentals  are operated normally by a local business - often an Estate Agent or Letting Agency, but sometimes it is a person from another background.
These sections are outside the remit of the local Co-ordinator, but they often work closely together.

Only basic computer skills needed, organization skills are fairly important, plus of course, people skills in general, but be warned once you start you will become fairly well known in your area and easily recognized, once out and about in the Town.  You will be amazed how often people just say Hi -  the reason for this is at times you will be posting on the Wall and people just recognize you from your photo.

A Spanish Life site has now been operating for almost 2 years, and we are now in a position to invite a person for each area on the forum to participate in managing the non commercial and social side of the said chosen area.

A Spanish Life is Ranked in the top 3 on Google (and very shortly it will be the No1 Forum).    La Marina Life and other areas in the group such as Quesada Life are No1 already which means that "A Spanish Life" is starting to prove to be a force to reckon with in Spain.  These forums are followed very closely in other Countries by property owners who just own a local villa or apartment over here.

SO - is this for you?   If so, please contact us
OR, to have a chat and learn more details please Tel:  96-679-0844

In some areas there is also a business operation available as well as this local area co-ordinators position.   Details are at


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