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Economy Continues Faltering


The Spanish economy continues in difficulties, with the rates for bonds at high levels, and additional problems caused by Argentina's nationalisation of YPF. For further details, see:


Part Payment for Prescriptions


The Spanish government has announced that everyone will have to pay part of the costs of medical prescriptions in future. In the past, pensioners have received free prescriptions, but now will have to contribute according to their means. The thin end of the wedge towards privatising the health service, perhaps? 


Monarchy in Trouble


The Spanish monarchy is currently going through troubled times. First, there is the continuing saga of the business deals of the King's son-in-law, with further details this week of the complicity of the Royal Family in them; then the King's grandson shot himself in the foot (literally) while cleaning a shotgun, while below the legal age to be handling guns; and last week, the King went off to Africa on a big game hunting expedition, and broke his hip in a fall. The expedition costs at least 50,000 euros,  paid by a mysterious Spanish-Saudi-Syrian businessman, a fact that has not gone down too well with the general public, particularly those of republican tendencies, in times of recession and general hardship. He may lose his honorary presidentcy of WWF because of his love of killing elephants for pleasure, also. He has now publicly apologised, but nobody is sure what for; going big game hunting, killing elephants, expenses paid holidays, being on holiday in times of crisis, or all of the above?


Slight Population Increase


The Spanish population increased slightly in 2011, but the number of registered foreigners fell. The native population went up by 62,944, while registered foreigners fell by 40,447 to 5,711,040 people. The population of Spain on 1 January was 47,212,990, according to INE, the National Statistics Institute. 



Endangered Species Chick Rescued


A chick of the endangered Lammergeyer Vulture species (Quebrantahuesos in Spain), thought unlikely to survive in the wild, has been taken from a nest in the Aragón Pyrenees to a Centro de Cría en Aislamiento Humano near Zaragoza. It will be raised there with the help of two replica vultures to avoid human contact before being released in the National Park of the Picos de Europa in a couple of months.


Al Andalus Train Back on Track


The luxury train, Al Andalus, is back on the rails after an eight year absence, and will return to tour Andalucía after extensive refurbishment. The service, which can accommodate 64 people in 32 suites, mostly in carriages built in France in the 1920's for British Royalty, costs from 2500€ per person for a 6 day journey.


Mobile App for Cultural Tourism


A new App for smartphones and Tablets, entitled "Rutas Culturales de Andalucía" has been developed by tourism authorities. The App is already available in Málaga, Antequera, and Granada, and will be in Córdoba and Sevilla soon.


End of Ski Season


The Sierra Nevada ski season ended last Saturday, with almost a million visitors since November. The turnover of 30.4 million € this season from 992,886 clients, was 1.2% more than in 2010, although the number of actual skiers were down 0.6% while the number of visitors was up 12.9%. The centre, near Granada, only had to close on two days because of bad weather, and generally offered 63 kms of pistes, although with the lowest amount of snowfall, and the most sunshine, 100 days.


Large Cruise Ships Due


The biggest cruise ship currently sailing Mediterranean waters is due to call into Málaga port next week. The 154,000 tonnes, 338m long "Liberty of the Seas", with a capacity to carry 5,000 passengers, will tie up on 26 April, followed two days later by the "Adventure of the Seas", with  4,000 passengers. It should be a bonanza week for the bars and shops in Muelle 1, the new port development!


El Festival de Cine


The annual cine festival takes place in Málaga next week, with various events in the city. 


Diez Razones para Conocer Álora


A TV program called "ten reasons to know Álora" will be shown on Canal Sur Televisión on Sunday at 20.00.


Día del Libro


Various events will take place in Álora during 23-27 April to celebrate "the day of the book". 




Málaga only managed a 1-1 draw against Real Sociedad on Sunday, despite dominating the game and having a goal disallowed in injury time for offside. Next Monday the team travels to Pamplona to play Osasuna, a close rival for European placings. Meanwhile, it is reported that Vicente del Bosque has signed a new contract to continue as manager of the national team. The length of the contract is not yet known, but is thought he will stay until after the World Cup in 2014.


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in 1987, tennis star, Maria Sharapova, was born.



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