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The owner has done a work, to avoid collapse, valued at 53,000 euros and forced by the city's structure requires another 700,000 to the comprehensive reform

DP 08.07.2013 | 00:17
Image of house protected Los Balcones.
Image of house protected Los Balcones. information

The young Danish architect Lander Baden Henriette, restoration specialist, appeared yesterday in the municipal group of Torrevieja Greens to show the project he made ​​in his country in 2010 to complete his studies, and that is a proposal for rehabilitation of the House Balconies of a tower-house, private ownership, but of particular historical value, which is one of the few examples that remain in the nineteenth century manor house. In fact, the numerous balconies of the farm gave name to the site where now stands the house both as urbanization same name, one of the most popular of the municipality.Also a citizen of San Miguel de Salinas has also been involved in heritage restoration this purpose, so that the project is available to anyone who wants to consult a central library in San Miguel. 
According to the Norse, the dilapidated state of the property " grieves me and causes me great impotence, and should be restored respecting its historical value and reflect the passage of time ", noting that" I doubt there is respect for the cultural heritage of Torrevieja in this city. " 
said Architect gives your project for free " for the house to be transformed into a wine bar, restaurant, or even to be able to rent one of their rooms and stay over night. " However, denied that he intended or able to buy the plot, because "I'm not here to speculate," adding that "local authorities have ignored the deterioration of the house." 
City Council has forced the company that owns the land to carry out emergency works valued at 53,000 euros to avoid total ruin and culminating with the facade formwork and cleaning of the site, and has been estimated at nearly 700,000 euros the amount of the total rehabilitation of the property. 
Moreover, ordered fines of 5,000 euros per month to the owner in case the project does not address.On these actions are not reported yesterday in the press conference.



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