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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Living the Benidorm!! • Alan Boyd


Once upon a time, there was a famous windy little road in Benidorm….it was known by the Brits as The Yellow Brick Road. It had businesses on it with themed names…The Lion Rampant, Blueberry Hill, The Wizard, The Travellers Rest and The Yellow Brick Road Carvery. Later on, a little bar called The Tin Man would also appear, but only for a short time. His heart apparently wasn’t in it! Unfortunately, over a period of four years, this little road once paved with gold would see these British businesses close. The dream was over.

This is the story of a family giving up a secure, predictable British life to go and manage a café bar in Spain. They called it living the dream. But this was no ordinary dream. There were tears, frustration, intimidation, depression and laughter - all vital ingredients for insanity. How could they escape from this

Close your eyes and tap your heels three times. And think to yourself –There’s no place like

Enjoy the journey that took this family over the rainbow and remember to watch out for those “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”

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