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DIY Fault diagnostics • Select Air

 Just a few tips on possible problems that may affect your Air Conditioning.


  • Unit isn't heating 
    • Make sure you have selected the heat mode on your remote as well as turning the temp up. Depending on make/model, the display could simply say 'heat' or show a 'Sun' (look carefully as the 'Snowflake' for cooling is very similar.
    • Give your unit time to swap from cool to heating mode (up to 15 mins).
    • Listen to your outdoor unit. There should be two different sounds, one from the fan motor and a deeper sound from the compressor. If you can't hear them both, then it may be a capacitor which acts like a starter motor. Its very rare for a compressor to burn out so always get a second opinion if thats the suggestion.
  • Does my unit need Gas
    • Domestic units should not lose gas and are unlike cars because they don't have any rubber seals to dry and crack. 
    • Normally lost gas is caused by a faulty installation causing a leak. The leak needs to be found and rectified before the gas is replenished.
    • You really need pressure gauges to determine if your unit has lost gas although a tell tale sign of low gas is if the interconnecting pipework freezes up.
    • If its lost all of its gas then the pipework will not change appearance  






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