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Green Oil. Tomorrow’s oil Today

It can no longer be denied the world as whole desperately needs alternative fuel sources to replace the natural coal, oil and gas deposits that we are currently using up at an alarming rate. Green Oil has been the subject of much interest in recent years and is becoming a viable alternative and of course a great investment opportunity. What this means for investors is that projects which find and produce new sustainable sources of oil have become an excellent investment opportunity.

The BenefitsFor investors

  • Invest from as little as £12,000
  • Potential annual returns of up to 20%
  • Returns linked to energy prices
  • Potential for capital growth
  • Land held in trust
  • Buy-back options from year five

For the environment

  • Almost carbon neutral fuel source
  • Replacement for fossil fuels
  • Helps reduces global warming
  • Safer to handle and transport

For communities

  • Improved farming practices
  • Technology transfer increases food production
  • Can grow on less fertile soil
  • Value crop helps reduce poverty
  • Stimulates local economy
  • Produce linked to energy markets
  • Helps preserve family units
  • Helps alleviate poverty
  • Creates employment

For developing countries

  • Promotes energy independence
  • Improves national balance of payments
  • Protects foreign currency reserves
  • Creates employment
  • Increases international stature


Green Oil is usually derived from the seeds of trees such a jatropha, oil palm, pongamia and a surprising number of other species. As green oil is created from such biological means it is rightly regarded as a credible, renewable and sustainable fuel resource when grown within a commercial plantation framework.

Other energy alternatives such as sweet sorghum, sugar cane and soya can also be used for the production of ethanol (agricultural alcohol) for energy applications such as gasoline replacement.

When developed in commercial structure, these green oil and energy assets offer a viable alternative to crude oil, providing domestically generated energy resources, development opportunities and employment.

For those countries producing green oil this helps to reduce expenditure on outward purchases of oil, creates significant economic stimuli within their domestic market and generates a forward looking energy creation programme which can align easily with existing national energy strategy.

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