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Cycling and mountain biking around the beautiful La Pedrera, CV950 • granddesignhouse


This is a popular cycling spot for the Spanish and many other nationalities, but to many it is still a hidden gem.   The route can be easily accessed by many of the surrounding towns and then onto the CV95 which is the main route that links Torrevieja to Orihuela.  The entire journey can be taken on the road if on a road bike, or off road,  half on the dirt track that runs paralell to the lake and the other on the CV950 that encircles the lake.


One place to start is from Casa La Pedrera, The Grand Design House. It is an outdoor Activity Centre where you can  hire a bike for only 15 euros for a half day hire.


Alternatively you can bring your own and  park for free and use their facilities provided you buy some refreshments from their tea garden cafe.   You can also use this as a midway point if you have cycled from afar.   They serve delicious, freshly prepared lunches and you can enjoy some well earned rest, enjoying the lake views before you go onto the next stage of your journey.   You can also make a day of it and use their amazing pools which include a jacuzzi, 4m diving board and slides, for a small fee.  There is also a chance to see inside the house that appeared on Channel 4´s Grand Design as there is now a lovely craft shop, displaying a fantastic selection of hand made crafts!  


If you choose Casa La Pedrera, as your starting point, you can choose from a 10km route or a 20km route, both which are circular.  

10km Route.  Start at Casa La Pedrera:   Continue on the dirt track in the Reserve  that runs paralell to the lake with stunning views.   Turn Left.  Drop down to the canals (near Lakeside Mansions)  and return via the CV95 or do the route in the reverse order.

20km Route.  Start at Casa La Pedrera.   Continue on the dirt track in the Reserve and turn right, pass Torremendo and continue encircling the lake on the CV951 and then onto CV950 (Vista Bella) 

The views in either direction are simply stunning and offer breathtaking opportunties to see the mountains of the Vega Baga and the Reservoir which is famous for it´s torquoise blue waters that change throughout the day.    It is best to set off early in the morning or later in the evening to take advantage of the magnificent sunsets that are a feature of the area.  It is also wonderful to cycle in the Reserve which has a profusion of mediterranean herbs, flora and fauna and fantastic birdlife!


You can also take advantage of their other activities which include Quad Biking, Horse & Pony Rides, Kayaking or Canoeing, Walking & Hiking, Fishing, or even Air Rifle and Archery.  Either way you will have a wonderful day out in the most beautiful setting.

To find more about Casa La Pedrera, you can visit their website at which has a link to their facebook page which is regularly updated and has lots of photos.   They are open year round winter 11am - 4pm and the summer season June, July and August 9am - 9pm.   You can also  call 660816620 or email them at  and they will be happy to help.    










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