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FREE EFT demonstration for charities and non-profit organisations • Jennifer Rahman

 Calling all charities and non-profit organisations in the Costa Calida and Costa Blanca!

Hello, I am Jennifer Rahman, an English woman and an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist in Spain.

EFT, as it is affectionately known, is the latest energy therapy that is clinically proven worldwide to ublock negative emotions that are the root cause of illness, stress and anxiety. It uses  gentle tapping actions applied to specific acupressure points on the body while using positive statments (affirmations) to neutralise or replace negative thoughts.

Learn how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can help your members either manage pain, help with depression, stress and a host of other ailments.

To promote EFT in Spain, I am offering FREE half hour demonstrations to show your members the quick and long lasting benefits of this new energy therapy to hit the Costas. Each attendee will also get a small FREE GIFT in appreication for their attendance at the live demonstration.

Furthermore, should any of your members decide to engage me privately following the demonstration, I will extend my Special Offer of 20% discount for a 3 month period following the demonstration.

For information about EFT, please refer to my article "New Energy Therapy hits the Costas" on this topic.

However, should you be interested in hosting this demonstration, I would appreciate a small contribution of between ten to fifteen Euros  to cover my travel expenses especially if toll charges are incurred. My time i.e. for the live demonstration is FREE.

For more information about the FREE event, please contact me either via my website at: or call my mobile on : 63 4358 310.


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