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La Manga Club Villas • Richard

Construction at La Manga Club began in the mid-1970s and by now is more or less complete unless more land is acquired which is possible. The Resort was originally conceived by P&O as a country club for the rich and famous and it was envisaged that the Americans would see it as an alternative to Florida.

The original ideas were not fully achieved. La Manga Club became a popular destination for UK residents mainly. The offers being made of free golf for 40 years to Founder Members proved very attractive and sales started. There are now over 2000 villas and apartments in La Manga Club.

Building started with some Large villas on the level part of the Club along with two Golf Courses and the Hotel which was originally run by the Hyatt Corporation.

Los Altos came first and then Los Altos 2.

The Club is divided into a number of Communities and of course the individual Villas. The lower end of the price range is the Bellaluz apartments and the very top end Individual Villas sell for several million pounds each.

Prices to rent the villas also vary in relationship to Value. A Los Olivos villa might rent at peak for around £1,000 a week, Bellaluz apartments for around £400 and an individual villa for several thousands of pounds a week.

There are 7 villas offered on A Spanish Life.

2 Bed Los Altos villa right at the top of La Manga Club with easy access by car

2 Bed Golf Villa -well apointed and easy access

Los Olivos Penthouse - Luxury Living a lovely Views/

These three villas are offered at

There are also four villas/ apartments offered by

These include an Individual villa, a Bellaluz apartment, A duplex apartment at the Hacienda del Golf Community and a Los Molinos Villa

There is something there for everyone and Every pocket. All are offered directly from owners.






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