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When was the last time you jumped into a puddle?

Most kids have great imaginations and loads of energy, where does that go as we grow?
 Lessons of life and relationships build boundaries and limitations that we use to protect 
ourselves. So we have many outdated and unnecessary constraints that are keeping us
 from attaining whatever we want to be, do or have.

Life is life, ups and downs, pleasure and pain nobody is safe, but how we deal with them 
is our choice, personal responsibility and accountability brings total freedom, something 
we give up all too easily. As a person you accept less than what you are worth, as a 
business your profit is less than it could be, because each one is only as good and 
profitable as the weakest belief, thought and action.

Linda Sage is a veteran personal and professional mentor, she has seen many changes 
and advances over the past 30 years, having helped hundreds or thousands of individuals 
and companies she is highly motivational, passionate about human potential and makes
things easy, clear and logical to see that change is achievable for everyone.

Linda is an author Personal Coaching for Change is now available at
she is also working with new authors on set of books A Personal Experience of Change 
open to anyone who can write a chapter on a life changing challenge or event more info 
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