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Watch Over Me. Short Story (published in 2010) • GL

GL Troubridge is a local children´s author living on the Costa Blanca. The first of her trilogy was published in 2010 and is now available in over 16 countries. Kidan and the Pendant of Isowana is available on line with Amazon, Tesco, WHSmith and all other good on line stores. For more information view her official website and the fantastic concept video: 

Below is one of GL´s short stories which was published in 2010.


Watch Over Me


Standing at the kitchen sink, elbow deep in washing up, Jenny hummed happily to herself as she worked and watched the birds gather in the garden. Lost in thought, she almost did not feel the hand grasp her right shoulder. Turning slowly she knew instinctively that he was there. 

Time for Jenny started to fall away, back and back her memories took her.

The first of many was when her father left. The devastation for a young 9 year old was almost too much to bare. She thought she had been special to her father, but he just left her and her mother. But then he came along. With his quiet confidence and peaceful calming ways. Just knowing he was there could bring her such peace.

When she started a new school and had to make new friends she was so nervous and afraid, he was there for support and encouragement.

When she suffered her first broken heart as a teenager, he was there. With peaceful humming he soothed her broken heart and gave her hope that she would find love again.

When her best friend passed away Jenny thought the pain would never end, but he was there for her to gain comfort and understanding.

He had turned up one day when she was planning on going to the fair with her new boyfriend Bill. He forbade her from going. He had saved her from the tragedy of that day. Unfortunately others had still been hurt and killed when a ride had broken. He always seemed to be there to guide and comfort no matter what happened in her life. He was the one person Jenny had learned would never let her down, never be angry with her. The one person she could trust entirely. 

He was even there the day she married Bill, so proud to walk down the aisle with her and watch happily as she exchanged vows. He gave her strength the day she gave birth to her baby daughter and was watching over her until she came round from the anaesthetic. 

All these memories were filling her thoughts when she dragged herself back to the present. 

Dropping the plate she had been washing, Jenny ran. She ran faster than she had ever done her entire life. Following him up stairs, her long legs easily taking the stairs two by two she reached the landing. Throwing open her bed room door she charged into the room and over to the cot where her precious daughter laid. Jenny knew before she reached her baby that something was terribly wrong. Abi was only one month old, a beautiful baby with blue eyes and blonde curly hair. Now Abi´s eyes were bulging and her lips were turning blue. She was silent. With out a second thought, with out letting the terrifying chill that threatened to paralyze her with fear consume her, Jenny grabbed Abi and ran for the phone. 

Bill arrived at the hospital to meet a sobbing Jenny. Abi was in intensive care only as a precaution. She had had problems eating and the hospital suspected she was allergic to cows milk. She had been sick and had been choking on it. If Jenny had not found her when she did, things may not have turned out this way. The horror of what could have happened was not lost on either parent. 

As the adoring parents entered Abi´s room he was already there. Gently stroking the babies face and humming his favourite song. His gentleness soothing the baby as she now slept peacefully in her strange surroundings. 

The doctor followed the parents in to the room and explained what they need to do now because of Abi´s allergy.

“Everything will be ok now” the doctor told them.

Jenny looked at the doctor and nodded, they all knew how close this had been for little Abi.

“I know everything is going to be ok now, thank you.” Jenny told the doctor as she held Bill´s hand. Bill looked at Jenny questioningly.

“Its ok Bill, he is with Abi now, we have nothing to worry about. He will always watch over her and keep her safe. Just as he has done for me for years.” Jenny smiled through her happy tears. “She could not have received a better gift.”

The doctor was about to ask what Jenny meant when she answered his unspoken question for him.

“My father is with her now” 

Later as the parents stood gazing at their daughter fast asleep in her cot, one transparent figure touched Jenny on the arm before he floated out of the room to give them some privacy.


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