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More information needed on bees • L.Schneiter

Last Summer, we arrived at our home in the area of Pilar de la Horadada, to find that bees had swarmed to our patio. Our first port of call were the local police, hoping that they could put us in touch with someone who could collect the swarm and preserve it. The local police were unable to help us but eventually through the perseverance of my daughter, a dedicated ecologist, we managed to find a retired bee keeper whose daughter has taken over his hives and he kindly collected the bees. What is needed on this site is a reliable contact number where people who find bees swarming to their property can call. Next year, 2012,  when we finally retire to the area, we are considering taking up the hobby of beekeeping so perhaps one day we will be that number but in the mean time......Also some advice is needed about what to do if someone is stung and has an allergic reaction... swarming bees are not usually a danger unless threatened because they feed well before they swarm and are therefore very docile. 


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