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FLABéLOS Vibre Gym • Kas

The new Vibre Gym opened just a few months ago in the Filton Centre, Los Balcones, Torrevieja and now has over 300 members.

Announcement! due to the success of the Vibra Gym in Los Balcones, there will be a second Vibra Gym opening on Wednesday 2nd November on the Crevalente Road, up towards Quesada by Lidl and Consum.


Now just having had my 5th session today, I can honestly say the effects have been marvelous.

As manager of Los Balcones Life website, part of A Spanish Life, a network of community websites set up for each individual town throughout the Costas. I feel it is my duty to report back to you, just how I am getting on at the FLABéLOS Vibre Gym.

At first I guess I was like most, a bit scepticle, but I can honestly say that the work outs have had a profound effect on me, making me feel more alive, energised and has given me the feel good factor which we all crave for in these modern uncertain times.

Only a 10 minute workout and yet in a few weeks time you will feel the difference. 

1 Session = 4€

1 Week Course = 10€

4 Week Course = 30€


"If you can´t feel the wobble, it´s not working"

tel: 966 798 453 or 626 94 19 62


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