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WHY LED NEON SIGNS ARE TRENDING? • competitive signs

LED Neon signs are one of the latest trends in signage. They help direct traffic to businesses and are usually one of the best ways to retain attention of the customers. LED Neon signs are a long-term investment, best suited for any small business wanting to increase their brand awareness in a local area.

Here’s why we think LED Neon Signs are one of the best signage solutions for a business-



LED Neon Signs are Friendly on the Pocket

The great thing about Neon signs is that they are a great long-time investment for a business owner- small or big. Unlike Neon signs, they do not need repeated maintenance checks and replacement. Neon Signs are also quite expensive because of their energy consumption and the added repair checks. As far as LED Neon Signs are concerned, you can expect them to last up to 15 years. Neither do they have any maintenance checks because of their in-built mechanism, and they are also easy on the pocket, with their efficient energy consumption.


Good for the Environment

Sustainability in businesses is gaining more traction than ever. As the conversation around global warming gets wider, there is a considerable onus on businesses to opt for cleaner and greener products for their businesses. Custom LED neon signs are a great way to make your business more environmentally friendly. Their power consumption is efficient, and that reflects in your monthly power consumption bill!


LED Neon Signs have Better Retention Ability

With LED Neon Signs, you can expect a boost in awareness for your brand. Because of their unique, illuminating, and colorful display, neon signs are great for your business. Passers-by and onlookers tend to remember business names and branding if LED signs are placed at the storefront.



Neon Signs are quite safe compared to other products in the market like Neon Signs. After a period of usage, neon signs start to emit a gas that is not safe for inhalation. Plus, Neon Signs and other lighting signage have the possibility of getting over-heated. However, with LED Signs, you won’t face any of these issues. Due to the double-protected coating, LED neon signs do not emit harmful gases, and neither do they get overheated. They are also waterproof which makes them excellent for any kind of outdoor weather.


Personalized Signs

With custom LED neon signs, customisation is super easy. Getting them in the font or color that matches your brand identity can easily be managed, and Competitive Signs comes highly recommended for business signage needs. They not only have the most upgraded and modern technology in the business, but also boast of an experience of over 20 years of providing signage tools for businesses all over New Jersey.



Final Words

From the design of your LED neon signs to its installation, Competitive Signs is with you throughout the process. You can get your customized, unique LED neon sign that is bound to attract more traffic and interest to your business.

Now that you know why you need LED Neon signage if you are a small business, get the best in the business by giving us a call at 973.783.1001 or drop in an email at


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