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The simplicity of the masterpiece as well as its complexity attract the viewers. With no doubt, one can spend much time looking at the works of talented artists. The bright example of such an outstanding artist is Gustave Courbet. He was a representative of the Renascences art. His paintings attract the viewers by unique style and elegance. To understand his work, one should analyze the masterpiece produced by the artist.

Actually, there are many works created by Gustave Courbet, which deserve special attention and analysis. However, there is one, which appeals almost to every viewer. The painting is called “Peasant Girl with a Scarf” (Peasant Girl with a Scarf). It was introduced in 1849 (Peasant Girl with a Scarf). The author painted the masterpiece with the help of oil on canvas. Today, one can see it in Norton Simon Art Foundation (Peasant Girl with a Scarf). The first impression was quite positive, since it depicts calmness and tranquility. Personally I think that the painting illustrates a common girl sitting among beautiful trees and admiring the nature beauty. The painting looks like a portrait, since there is a main hero. Moreover, the distinguishing feature of the painting is a red scarf around the girl’s neck. It gives certain uniqueness to the painting. Actually, the main themes of the painting may be the depiction of the nature beauty and the interaction between nature and human.

On the one hand, the picture follows all traditions of the Renaissance art. The basic commonality of the painting is the usage of pail color, individualism, nature, realism, dark background, and symmetry. Subsequently, the artist painted the picture in plain colors with some emphasis on details. On the other hand, it shows not only the traditional portrait of a character but the whole story of her life. In other words, the painting is quite impressive. It is clear that the main character is a peasant who found some time for a rest. However, it also represents a happy girl thinking or dreaming about something pleasant. The reason for such a suggestion may be a blush on her face. It may have different meaning but the most appropriate will be the fact of it conveying positive thoughts of the girl. Speaking about the white balance and contrast of the picture, one may admit that it proves the features of the Renaissance art. Therefore, there is a dark background and the main hero is engaged in the picture. There are not bright colors as well as contrast ones, so everything is quite neat.

Personally, I like thing painting due to its showing the real historical period. Besides, it illustrates the way people live at the period. The clothes, complexion and behavior help to learn a lot from the painting. Apart from knowledge, the painting discovers perfect skills of the artist. The combination of colors, the connection between shadows and lights enable to make the whole composition. Moreover, all the objects look like alive and it means that the artist spent much time creating them. I may state that the picture is a portrait. All the attention is focused on a girl, especially on her scarf. The artist manages to depict every single emotion on her face with tenderness love. Actually, the meaning of the paper may be quite complex. It may convey the nature beauty, the connection between human and nature. However, it may also depict the description of peasantry. The reason for such assumption lies in the title of the picture. Consequently, the meaning is quite objective every viewer may perceive it differently.

Speaking about the artist’s purpose, he might try to convey the feeling the peasant girl relive. Besides, the artist aimed to show that even if someone is a peasant it does not mean that he/she is unhappy. His interpretation of the peasant girl enables the viewers think of beauty to be everywhere and it does not matter whether the person is rich or not. The artists managed to persuade the viewer and appeal to his/her mind respectively. By emphasizing on a scarf, the artist highlighted the elegancy of the character. Actually, I would like to buy the painting and have it at home due to its making me feel relaxed. Moreover, I have learned that art may convey tranquility and can appeal not only to eyes but also to heart. Consequently, it inspires to create my own piece of art. It is an example to follow as well as a great representation of art.

To conclude, the painting “Peasant Girl with a Scarf” is an example of the Renaissance art. It illustrates a young girl dreaming about the future. The painting depicts the beauty of a girl accompanied by nature. It has deeply ingrained in the memory of the viewer due to its uniqueness and elegance.

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