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I know it has been a long summer and people are becomming a little irritable, however this is no excuse for bad service or bad manners from staff.

We recently had the misfortune to visit the office of David´s travel coaches in the middle of nowhere, at least that´s what it seemed like to us, they obviously don´t encourage office visits for booking.

The reason we were forced to visit is that someone had already booked tickets in advance, and we wanted to make sure we were all on the same coach.

The three clerks there treated us like children, they could not find the initial reservation, so finally exasperated we had to ring the person that had made the booking on our own mobile, none of the staff offered any assistance with this and were completely put out when we finally managed to contact the person who had made the initial booking, who rang back to the office.

It tunred out that the clerk had put the wrong name down, no surname, just a first name., she made no apaology...

Sorry David´s Coaches, the girls on the bus do a great job, but the girls in the office need to brush up on the people´s skills!


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