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La Manga Club Resort Couples Holidays • j.tulley

Are you trying to renew the spark in your love life? There’s no better place to get to know each other again than at La Manga in Murcia, Spain, where even the smallest thing can spell romantic.

Couples have more reason to take a break together when they see what’s in store for them at La Manga. If you’ve been together for years and you feel that everything you do is simply domestic and ordinary, then the best way to rekindle that scorching passion is through a holiday at La Manga Spain.

The Resort is located in Murcia, Spain, one of the world’s most romantic cities. La Manga is actually just a 22-kilometre seaside strip measuring 100-metres wide. Murcia is not some laidback community because it is the 7th largest city in Spain and is the most populous in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia. However, you will be surprised to discover that at La Manga, you can spend a romantic holiday and still get the privacy you yearn for.

Holidaymakers have made La Manga a priority when they are planning their holidays primarily because of the mild climate in the region. If you’re looking forward to hot summer days and nights then your best bet would be La Manga.

Staying at La Manga would give you more time to explore Murcia, known for its highly-developed agriculture. That means getting all the flowers, vegetables and fruits during the holidays. The name La Manga itself will already give you an idea of what to expect from the destination. It has undergone many name changes from Palus as the Romans called it, to Al Buhayrat Al Qsareand for the Moors. However, it was named Mar Chico in the 17th century, which means small sea.  Today, La Manga is also known as El Mar Menor, a sandbar that is becoming a top tourist destination in Murcia.

Couples visit La Manga because of its white sand beaches, a perfect destination for rekindling a love affair. It is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for those who want to indulge in spa holidays. The best holidays are spent with your loved one just lying around, enjoying the sandy beach, or indulging in simple pleasures like getting a relaxing massage at the spa.

Surprise your partner by booking a couple of pampering sessions for the two of you at La Manga. The resort offers the most luxurious villas and apartment where you can spend the rest of the holidays in private. La Manga is hands down a destination that most dreams are made of. Why not make that dream a reality by going on a La Manga couple’s holiday?

Your holiday destination is easily accessible from the airports in Murcia and Alicante so there’s no reason not to take a break even during short vacations. Valentine’s is just around the corner but you still have enough time to book a La Manga holiday for two. Or if you want to stay longer, why not take advantage of the Christmas season and spend the whole time with your loved one exploring the beauty of La Manga and the nearby attractions of Spain?

There are more than 150 villas and apartments in La Manga to choose from depending on your preferences and budget. If you book ahead of the peak season, then you can expect to get the best offers at the exclusive resort.

If you want to spend a romantic holiday together but do not want to be idle, then there are plenty of activities at the resort. La Manga boasts of three golf courses so you and your partner can practice your golf swings while enjoying each other’s company. And if she is not into gold, isn’t it time to teach her how to putt a few balls?

If your interest is more on hitting balls with a racquet, then don’t fret because La Manga has a Tennis Centre where you can improve your backhand and forehand strokes. If you are new to the game, then take advantage of the professional coaches who will be able to teach you a few tennis strokes.

There are endless list of things you can do as a couple while enjoying the holidays at La Manga whatever your interests are.  But whatever you do, trust La Manga to help your rediscover each other, and create a bond that will strengthen your relationship when you get back home.


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